DENR-Environmental Management Bureauโ€“Region I Director Engr. Maria Dorica Naz- Hipe virtually convened the Governing Board of the Naguilian River System โ€“ Water Quality Management Area (NRS-WQMA) on August 19, 2020 via video conferencing for the third quarter meeting. A total of 18 members from LGUs Naguilian and Bauang, La Union, NWRB, DepEd I, BFAR I, DOH I, NEDA I, Metro San Fernando Water District, DPWH I, DOST I, DTI I, NIA I, DENR I, and PENRO La Union out of the 21 regular governing board members attended the meeting.

Regional Director Hipe and the NRS-WQMA Governing Board planned to conduct a cleanup-cum-tree planting activity to be held on October 6, 2020. EMBโ€“I as technical secretariat will procure Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) such as washable face masks and face shields for the participants during the said activity in compliance with the minimum public health standards to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Director Hipe, urged the member LGUs to strengthen the implementation of their Sanitation Program in order to lower/reduce the Coliform levels in the Naguilian River. She reminded them that it is their role and responsibility to closely monitor the establishments and industries that have water drainage to the NRS-WQMA to mitigate the high concentration of coliform.

EMB-I conducted an orientation on Pollution Load Assessment of the Bauang River on August 12, 2020 through video conferencing with OIC-MENRO Florence B. Rulloda and Mr. Cipreel Justine T. Pimentel of LGU-Bauang, La Union. Another orientation on Pollution Load Assessment will be conducted for LGU Naguilian on October 8, 2020. The board decided to move the NRS-WQMA Quiz Bowl next year due to restrictions caused by the pandemic.

The NRS-WQMA was officially designated on June 21, 2016 pursuant to DENR Administrative Order No. 2016-18 series of 2016. The objective of the WQMA is to protect, through stakeholders collaboration, the water body and its tributaries by keeping their water quality within the Water Quality Guidelines conforming to the water bodyโ€™s classification or even improve the quality to higher classification.ย