The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) – Region I of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) through its Environmental Education and Information Unit (EEIU) broadcasted the seventh & eighth episodes of the โ€œSika Ken Ti Aglawlawโ€ (You and the Environment) radio program on DZNL Aksyon Radyo 783 kHz on April 8-9, 2021, which focused on Republic Act No. 9275 otherwise known as the โ€œPhilippine Clean Water Act of 2004โ€ and Republic Act No. 8749 or the โ€œPhilippine Clean Air Act of 1999โ€ and how to secure Wastewater Discharge Permit (WWDP) and Permit to Operate (PTO) Air Pollution Source Installation.

Environmental Management Specialist II Benedict Manapat (left) of the EMB โ€“ I Clearance and Permitting Division (CPD) discussed the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004, which aims to protect the countryโ€™s water bodies from pollution from land-based sources (industries and commercial establishments, agriculture and community/household activities) and provides for a comprehensive and integrated strategy to prevent and minimize pollution through a multi-sectoral and participatory approach involving all the stakeholders.

Mr. Manapat said that under RA 9275, the DENR EMB shall require owners or operators of facilities that discharge regulated effluents pursuant to this Act to secure a Wastewater Discharge Permit. The discharge permit shall be the legal authorization granted by the DENR to discharge wastewater, provided that the discharge permit shall specify among others, the quantity and quality of effluent that said facilities are allowed to discharge into a particular water body, compliance schedule, and monitoring requirement. The following shall secure WWDP: Sewerage, Wastewater Management and Remediation Activities, Wholesale and Retail Trade of Automotive fuels, repair of Motor Vehicles and motorcycles, Storage, Accommodation and Food Services, Agriculture, Manufacturing Plant, Real Estate Activities, Human Health and Social Works, Mining and Quarrying and other industries / sectors identified in DENR Administrative Order 2016-08 or the Water Quality Guidelines and General Effluent Standards of 2016.

Engineer II Renato L. Nisperos, Jr. (center) of the EMB โ€“ I CPD Air & Water Section talked about the Philippine Clean Air Act of 1999 which is a comprehensive air quality management policy and program that aims to achieve and maintain healthy air for all Filipinos. The DENR-EMB shall have the authority to issue Permit to Operate (PTO) Air Pollution Source Installation or Equipment as it may determine necessary for the prevention and abatement of air pollution. The PTO shall cover emission limitations for the regulated air pollutants to help attain and maintain the ambient air quality standards. The following commercial establishments with stationary source shall apply for PTO to the DENR EMB: Manufacturing Plants with fuel burning equipment, Wholesale and Retail sale of automotive fuels (Oil Depot & Gasoline Stations), Accommodation and food services โ€“ quick service restaurants, animal production, electric power generators, Mining and Quarrying, and real-estate activities.

Applications for Wastewater Discharge Permit and Permit to Operate Air Pollution Source Installation or Equipment can be easily accessed through the Online Permitting Monitoring System (OPMS) at Proponents may access and download the EMB Memorandum Circular No. 2020-17: โ€œGuidelines on the Issuance of Permit To Operate Air Pollution Source Installation or Equipment from the OPMS or they may call the EMB โ€“ Region I Hotline Number (072) 687-8370 local 106 for permitting concerns.

The โ€œSika Ken Ti Aglawlawโ€ is a 30-minute radio program which consists of fourteen episodes aired every Thursday and Friday at 10:00 in the morning on AM Radio DZNL and aims to inform the public about the environmental laws and programs of the DENR-EMB as well as to raise their environmental awareness to get involved in taking care of the environment. The two episodes were hosted by Environmental Management Specialist I Alberto Sotelo and Senior Environmental Management Specialist Maynard Cara of the EEIU.ย