1. The contest is open to all โ€œREGION I RESIDENTSโ€ (no age limit).
2. Form a group of at least 3 members and make a DANCE COVER VIDEO of the song โ€œOzone Layerโ€ by Mr. Noel Cabangon which should highlight the theme: โ€œOZONE FOR LIFE โ€“ 35 years of Ozone Layer Protection.โ€ The ORIGINAL VERSION (no remix) of the ENTIRE SONG should be used.
Download the song here:
3. Minimum public health standards should be observed in the dance cover video.
4. Upload your dance cover video on Facebook and tag/mention the EMB Region I Facebook page (@EMB Region I). Donโ€™t forget to make your post PUBLIC and include the hashtags #OzoneForLife and #EMBregion1
5. The entries will be scored based on the following criteria:
Relevance to the Theme โ€“ 25%
Choreography (Creativity & Originality) โ€“ 25%
Execution (Timing & Coordination, Projection & Expression) โ€“ 25%
Costume โ€“ 10%
Overall Impact and Facebook Likes/Hearts/Shares โ€“ 15%
6. Deadline for entries is on September 30, 2020.
7. For further information, contact the EMB-I Environmental Education and Information
Unit at (072) 687 8370 local 103 or 09773728997.