1. How do I submit a Self-Monitoring Report?
    NOTE: Client can only use SMR (SELF MONITORING REPORT) system if there is registered account and establishment in COMPANY REGISTRATION SYSTEM (https://iis.emb.gov.ph/crs)
    a. Login using the credentials in CRS (COMPANY REGISTRATION SYSTEM) https://iis.emb.gov.ph/crs/
    b. After login, Client can now create SMR by clicking “Create SMR” button on the upper right side of the page. Client must fill all the input fields up to MODULE 6 correctly because it is the bases for EMB evaluation.
    c. On the dashboard, SMR submitted will be displayed in SMR list table with the status of “For Evaluation by EMB”. Client will receive an email after EMB Evaluation, whether the SMR submitted is sufficient or deficient.

2. How do I apply for a Wastewater Discharge Permit (WWDP)?
1. Visit r1.emb.gov.ph and click WWDP ONLINE|Wastewater Discharge Permit.
2. Click the Register Button to proceed with the creation of WWDP Account.
3. Fill-out text fields including valid email address and upload an ID and authorization letter for representative.
4. After submission, check the email address you have registered with for an email from OPMS.
(please check your spam folder as the email may have been flagged as spam)
5. Click on the link provided in the email to activate your account. (Link is valid for 7 days)

1. Sign-in using the email address and password you have registered with.
2. On the navigation tab, click (DP) Discharge Permit under Water Quality Management
3. Click on New Discharge Permit button.
4. For Step 1, fill-out the General Information Form. All entry in the Employment & Operation Information/Sources ofWater Supply andWastewater Generation fields should be in numerical value.
5. Step 2 Production Information, refers to industrial establishments. If commercial, select No.
6. Step 3Water Pollution Information, refers to the wastewater outlet location and receiving body of water.
7. Step 4 Flow Meter and Treatment System Information, refers to the Flow Meter Information and Wastewater Treatment System, click proceed afterwards.
8. Step 5, download the Application Form and click proceed.
9. Step 6, upload supporting documents by dragging files to this page or by clicking the Add Files button. The following documents are required for uploading:
a. Letter of Request addressed to the EMB Director
b. Notarized Application Form
c. Engineer’s Report prepared and signed by a Registered Chemical or Sanitary Engineer with a Photocopy of PRC ID; to be notarized upon submission
 Nature of the project or undertaking to include description of the processes including the production capacity (quantity or volume) and generic name of the project
 Nature and characteristics of wastewater (physical and chemical composition) and total daily volume of raw wastewater discharge
 Treatment process and estimated treatment efficiency backed by computation or laboratory analysis
 Total daily volume of water consumption
 Discharge of final treated wastewater or effluent
 Information on flow wastewater measurement, equipment and procedure
 Name of receiving body of water and its Official Classification
 For land discharges, the nearest receiving body of water and its official classification
 Pollution Prevention/Environmental Management System Plan or Program
 Statement of the Cost incurred in the installation and maintenance of the wastewater treatment facility; if any
 Source of Water
d. Quality and Quantity of abstracted water (Results of Laboratory Analysis)
e. Site Development Plan
f. Vicinity Map identifying the address and location of the project premises
g. Geo –Tagged Pictures of the Project Site and premises
h. ECC or CNC
i. DTI / SEC Registration
j. Built-in-Plan of Wastewater Treatment Facility & Wastewater Line Layout(signed and sealed by Sanitary Engineer)
k. TIN No.
l. Photocopy of Certificate of siphoning/desludging of septic tanks, transport and treatment of wastewater/septage by LGU/DENR Accredited service provider
m. Certificate of PCO Accreditation / Designation of Pollution Control Officer
10. After the submission, the EMB Regional Office will screen/evaluate the Application.
11. Incomplete requirements/information will be returned to the applicants account, otherwise; it will be acted upon within the processing timeframe.
12. After the assessment of fees, the Order of Payment shall be forwarded to the applicant’s account. Proceed to the EMB Cashier for payment of assessed fees. After payment, upload the receipt and return the application for processing.
13. Once approved, theWastewater Discharge Permit can be downloaded through the proponents account.

3. How do I apply for Permit to Operate (PTO) Air Pollution Installation?
Answer: Consonant to EMB MC 2020-17 (Guidelines on the Issuance of Permit to Operate (PTO) for Air Pollution Source Installation or Equipment (APSI/APSE) through the Online Permitting and Monitoring System (OPMS)), please be informed that the “Permit to Operate System” is now operational.

As such, submission and processing of PTO shall be made through  https://r1.emb.gov.ph/ or  https://opms.emb.gov.ph/https starting June 01, 2020. Please check or download EMB MC 2020-17 to see the guides or instructions on how to use the PTO System.

4. How do I apply for Hazardous Waste Registration (Generators, Transporters and TSD Facilities)?
Answer: Consonant to DENR Administrative Order No. 22, Series of 2013 Revised Procedures and Standards for the Management of Hazardous Wastes (Revising DAO 2004-36), please be informed that the “Online Hazardous Waste Management System” is now operational. 

As such, submission and processing of Hazardous Waste Registration (Generators, Transporters and TSD Facilities), Permit to Transport and Manifest applications shall be made through https://hwms.emb.gov.ph starting June 1, 2020. The system requires prior company profile registration through https://iis.emb.gov.ph/crs by the applicant or client and the User’s Manual are accessible and can be downloaded from the aforementioned links.

Please check  https://hwms.emb.gov.ph/public/guides to see the guides or instructions on how to use the HWM System.

5. How do I request information?
Answer: Kindly send your letter of request to our official email address:  r1@emb.gov.ph