Annex  A

A. Requirements for ECC Online Application

  1. Project Description
  2. Environmental Impact and Management Plan
  3. Abandonment / Decommissioning / Rehabilitation Information
  4. Geotagged photographs of project site (taken for last 30 days)
  5. Topographic Map of impact/affected areas (at least 1km from the project boundaries)
  6. Certification from LGU on the compatibility of proposed project with existing land use plan
  7. Site Development and/or Vicinity map signed by registered professionals
  8. Project/Plant layout signed by registered professionals
  9. Schematic diagram of wastewater treatment facility
  10. Schematic diagram of Air Pollution Control Facility
  11. Organizational Chart in charge on environmental concerns
  12. Proof of authority over the project site (land title, lease contract, deed of absolute sale, etc.)
  13. Duly notarized accountability statement of proponent
  14. Duly accomplished project environmental monitoring and audit prioritization scheme (PEMAPS) questionnaire
  15. IEE Checlist Sworn Statement
  16. Bank Receipt (Application Fee)
  17. Affidavit of No Complaint
  18. Project Components & Operation Information

B. Requirements for ECC Application – EPRMP Based and EIS Based

  1. Letter Request address to EMB Director
  2. Duly Notarized EIA Report (EPRMP or EIS) with Electronic Copy
    1. EPRMP New – 5 Hard Copies and 1 CD
    2. EIS New and Amendment – 7 Hard Copies and 1 CD
  3. Proof of Compatibility with the Existing Land Use Plan (Locational Clearance, Zoning Clearance, Zoning Viability)
  4. Proof of Authority over the Project Site (Title-OCT, TCT, TD, Lease Agreement)
  5. Photographs or plates/vicinity map of the project site showing impact areas and communities (Site Development Plan, Sketch Map)
  6. Duly Accomplished PEMAPS Questionnaire
  7. LGU Resolution with No Objection
  8. Processing Fee:
    1. PEIS – 15,000.00
    2. EIS – 10,000.00
    3. PEPRMP – 10,000.00
    4. EPRMP – 10,000.00
    5. IEE Checklist – 5,000.00
    6. Documentary Stamp – 15.00

Continuation of Annex A

C. Requirements for ECC Amendment Application

C.1. For Minor Amendment: (e.g. Change of Ownership)

  1. Letter of Request addressed to EMB Regional Director
  2. SEC Registration/DTI Registration
  3. Deed of Absolute Sale/Affidavit of Transfer/Lease Contract/Tax Declaration/Land Titles
  4. Copy of Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) or Amendment
  5. Processing Fee: 1,015.00

C.2. For Major Amendment: (e.g. Expansion of Project Area, Increase of Capacity)

  1. Letter Request addressed to EMB Director
  2. Environmental Performance Report and Management Plan (EPRMP) with Notarized Accountability Statement/s (with Electronic Copy)
    1. EPRMP Amendment – 4 Hard Copies and 1 CD
  3. Proof of Authority over the Project Site (Title-OCT, TCT, TD, Lease Agreement)
    (Expansion of Area only)
  4. Pictures of the Site of Proposed expansion
  5. Site Development Plan, Sketch Map (For additional Components only)
  6. LGU Resolution of No Objection (Poultry and Piggery only)
  7. Copy of previous ECC or Amendments
  8. Processing Fee: 2,015.00

D. Requirements for CNC Project C Application

  1. Description of how the project enhances the environment or address environmental issues
  2. Project Components List
  3. Description of Project Phases
  4. Project Emissions/Effluent/Hazardous Waste/Solid Waste/Other Wastes
  5. Project Cost and Duration
  6. 1 page: Collage of photos or plates or proposed project site