Requirements for Permit to Transport

  1. HW Generator Registration Certificate
  2. Notarized Memorandum of Agreement
  3. Material Safety Data Sheet (if applicable)
  4. Result of Laboratory Analysis (if applicable)
  5. Transporter Registration Certificate
  6. Transporter Management Plan
  7. Schedule of Hauling/Transport of wastes
  8. Route of Transport
  9. TSD Registration Certificate
  10. Permit to Operate of the TSD Facility
  11. Discharge Permit of the TSD Facility
  12. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) of the TSD Facility

Requirements for Small Quantity Importation (SQI)

  1. Official Receipt
  2. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the product containing the 100% by weight declaration of the components/composition of the product
  3. Copy of the Business Permit or SEC Registration of the Office
  4. Copy of the Business Permit of the Warehouse/Storage Facility
  5. Accomplished and notarized application form

Requirements for Chemical Control Order (CCO)

  1. Duly accomplished and notarized CCO Registration forms as appropriate for Asbestos, Cyanide and Mercury
  2. Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)/Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC)
  3. SEC or DTI Registration
  4. Chemical Management Plan
  5. Certification of liabilities of parties to compensate for damage to life and properties in case of emergencies and accidents